Nicolò Castelllini Baldissera was born in Milan, in his ancestral home, Casa degli Atellani, and from a very early age grew up surrounded by art and architecture. Today Casa degli Atellani, restored by his great grand father, renowned architect Piero Portaluppi, and residence of his father, prominent architect and co founder of C&C Milano fabric company, Piero Castellini Baldissera, stands as an example of italian Renaissance excellence. With such a rarefied background, it was natural for Nicolò and his siblings, Sebastiano, a visionary photographer. and Olimpia, a talented interiors photographer, to continue in the tradition of art, architecture and decoration. Nicolò moved to London in the late 1980's to study History of Art at Sotheby’s. Since, he has been living nomadically between Italy, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, North America and North Africa, appropriately taking inspiration from each, when approaching new projects.

Lately, his passion for Northern Morocco, has brought him to venture into several projects of restoration of derelict local dwellings, mainly in the magical city of Tangier. His sensitivity in his work is at once respectful of the surroundings and their history and colourfully inventive. His playful tendency to joust with his clients, satisfying their taste and needs whilst maintaining his singular vision as a designer, is greatly appreciated. His passion for mixing antiques with modern, together with his innate sense of colour, is internationally recognised. His individual approach to each of his projects has granted him the freedom of not having a particular style, but many, always respecting the background of the challenge at hand, the final result giving one the feeling of a home that has always been part of the client's life. Nicolò currently lives between London and Milan and, whenever possible, he escapes to his beloved Tangier.